Malgrat de Mar

Malgrat De Mar can be found in north east Spain, on the Mediterranean coast, at the south end of the Costa Brava (8 mls SW of Lloret de Mar, 39 mls NE of Barcelona, 32 mls S of Gerona and its airport). It is located on flat, fertile land between the sea and a ridge of steep, wooded hills.

As for the town itself the old town is still very Spanish in every sense and there are some lovely little bars and cafes. There is a railway here that doesn't really intrude, the trains become part of the background to the town, they run on time and are very handy for getting to Barcelona cheaply.

The beach is very coarse sand and the sea shelves steeply 'Watch the kids'!! All in all a nice comfortable tourist Resort. This is a fairly lively no-frills resort, specialising in good-value holidays.