Historically, coastal villages have always been 'open to the four winds'. Like a typical seaside village- simple, hard-working, open and friendly- Cambrils has learned to harmoniously combine the myriad of influences brought here by travellers from near and far with the roots of our culture, cultivated in a mild climate that invites tolerance and makes this an ideal place to live, work, visit and enjoy.

High quality and pleasant people are two of the town's most outstanding characteristics.

Tourists usually visit Cambrils for the sun and beach, but more and more people are coming to enjoy the food and the culture, discover the traditions, do all kinds of sports, and to take in the sights in the surrounding area.

Cambrils is located right in the heart of the Costa Dorada, which is one of the primary tourist destinations in Catalonia. The short distance to other towns of great interest such as Roman Tarragona, Modernist Reus, Salou, La Pineda, the Priorat region or the Cistercian routes makes Cambrils the point of both departure and return for lots of different excursions that let you get an up-close look at what the region has to offer. Another big attraction is the Port Aventura theme park, which is only 10 kilometres away.